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Whether you are preparing for graduation, or sitting behind your desk fantasizing about your ideal career - the Power Plug National PR Conference will give you an opportunity to see if you have what it take to make it or take it to the next level in the world of PR. Are you a creative and innovative thinker? Do you thrive on making connections, meeting new people, staying ahead of the curve in technology and developing new ways to create buzz?  If your finger is on the heartbeat of everything that is hot, hip, and newsworthy, then the Power Plug PR Conference is for you. Focusing on the new frontier of PR, this conference will offer and interactive approach to give you what you need to survive in the world of PR. PoweR Plug will take place in Atlanta, Georgia on March 22nd - 23rd. For entry into this conference tickets can be purchased at www.PowerPlugPR.com


Tuesday Knight

Tallahassee, Florida
Tuesday Knight is a respected PR practitioner in the entertainment industry. A published journalist, professional award show and conference coordinator and public speaker, she also serves as editor for SheGotPress.com, a virtual news publication that specializes in providing content from an empowering, feminine perspective. PLEASE READ: If we are not already acclimated, please send me a message about why you're requesting my friendship, otherwise you will be ignored!